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What Are You Waiting For?

INSPIRATION #64: You will never reach greatness until you are willing to step out of the house.

Many of us have great dreams of accomplishing tremendous tasks but we never act on those dreams. We’re afraid we might fail so we’d rather do nothing. I would rather strive for the mountain top and fail then to succeed at being comfortable and never leave my house. Step out of your comfortable surroundings and TAKE ACTION FOR YOUR DREAMS!

*Excerpted from “Jesus, Take the Wheel” by Mark Bowser. Get Your Copy Now


How Would You Respond…?

Technically, they weren’t boots anymore, but that didn’t comfort them. They were virgins in the world of combat. The four “grunts” nervously hesitated, hunkering down in their foxhole. Time seemed to slow down, but it was actually only a few seconds. Somebody had to do something, but it was so hard. Fear had paralyzed the four grunts. And can we blame them? What would we do if we shared that foxhole with them on that fateful night?

Danny’s mind raced to Gunner Plummer. What would he say at this moment? “Lane, man up! Just like in training! Do your job!” A small dose of courage welled up inside of Danny. He raised his shoulder just a bit and threw an illumination grenade to light up the area around their hole. With any luck, they would be able to at least see the silhouettes of Charlie. Danny then activated the switch that controlled the claymore mine they had positioned in front of their foxhole. Steel balls flew from the mine in multiple directions. Would it be enough to protect them?

Sotere, Nick, and Wells popped the pins on their M-26 grenades and launched them towards the incoming gunfire. The main company then threw illumination grenades. The night sky was now lit up like a Christmas tree. Danny’s knees seemed to buckle with fear. He knew they needed to fire back, or death would be their destination, but his body wasn’t obeying his thoughts. Ever so slightly, he scooted himself closer to the foxhole rim. He raised his eyes over the rim and saw the shadowy figures of Charlie headed their way.

“Here they come! Get ready! Let’s do this!” Danny screamed. Courage and reality overcame fear, and the grunts unleashed their M-16 machine guns on the enemy. They emptied 30-round clips one after another as fast as they could. The enemy retaliated with equal fury.

Before long, they heard a scream in the background. With sweat pouring down their bodies despite the cold, wet rain, the four grunts heard the scream again. The scream seemed to pierce the chaos all around them.

*Excerpted from the groundbreaking book “Some Gave It All” by Danny Lane and Mark Bowser. The book is endorsed by high ranking producers, movie directors, a former CIA officer, and movie star and martial art great Chuck Norris. Order your copy today at

“This is an amazing story of courage and sacrifice. I’m almost at a loss for words. Every God-fearing American ought to read this. It’ll get your heart pounding and you’ll be forever grateful for the men and women who keep this country safe, including American hero Danny Lane.” 

Jason Hanson former CIA Officer, author of the New York Times Best Seller, “Spy Secrets that Can Save Your Life”

Playing To Your Strengths!

Play To Your Strengths! Be the best you that you can be!

Chuck Norris Endorses “Some Gave It All”

What Does Chuck Norris say about “Some Gave It All” by Danny Lane and Mark Bowser?

The Sun Is Coming Up!

Every sunrise is filled with the possibilities of a new sales day.

Just as the sun comes up every morning to sing forth a brand new day, every sunrise is an opportunity to start life fresh and new in your sales career.  The mistakes of yesterday are gone.  Maybe you blew it with that big client.  Maybe you lost a great opportunity. Forgive yourself and start anew.  We never know what exciting adventures are in store for us with each sunrise. 

There are two poems I would like to share with you which talk about starting life anew.  Whitman wrote the first poem, and an unknown author wrote the second. “Finish each day and be done with it; you have done what you could.  No doubt some blunders and absurdities crept in; forget them as quickly as you can.  Tomorrow is a new day, you shall begin it well and serenely.”

“I’ve shut the door on yesterday its sorrow and mistakes; and now I throw the key away to seek another room and furnish it with hope and smiles and every springtime bloom.  I’ve shut the door on yesterday and thrown the key away.  Tomorrow holds no fears for me, since I have found today.”

Grab hold of the possibilities of this new sales day and Carpe Diem … “Seize the Day!”

*Excerpted from the inspiring little sales book “Sell Your Way To Success” by Mark Bowser. Get your copy now on Amazon (

Social Media Marketing vs. Direct Marketing! What Should I Do?

By Mark Bowser

Social Media Marketing is a necessary evil in today’s business environment. Now, that is a provocative statement and I am quite sure I have ruffled some feathers already. Does that mean that I don’t believe in social media marketing and refuse to participate in it? Not at all. Every week, I post content on several platforms and engage with other’s content to create attention, influence, and results toward my objectives.

But, I still say it is a necessary business evil. Why? Because it is not direct marketing. I am a big believer of what marketing king Dan Kennedy preached for years that the best marketing is one that goes direct to the buyer. One on one, whether it is a sales letter speaking directly to the consumer or a sales professional speaking to the decision maker is always the best type of marketing.

If that is the case, and it is, then why do so many people shy away from those direct marketing endeavors into the world of social media marketing? Cost! Pure and simple. It is all about the cost. For example, a direct mail campaign is very expensive. You have to obtain a mailing list, hire a copywriter (or write it yourself), print the piece, buy the postage, prepare the mailer…all before you send your marketing piece out the door toward the prospect. On the hand, Social Media Marketing is free or relatively inexpensive accept for your time.

My main point is to encourage organizations and individuals to not throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. The great failure is when we choose one over the other. The truth is for you to reach your full exposure and results you need both Direct Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Having said that, let me give you four quick steps on how to make your Social Media Marketing & Selling more effective.

1. Know Your Audience. It doesn’t matter how good your bait is if you land in the wrong pond. You have to go where the fish are who love your bait.

2. Choose the Right Platforms. No platform fits all sizes. Know your objectives and do your research on the plethora of platforms to choose a few to start engaging with. Choose three or four and stick with them.

3. Post Quality Content. What is quality? It depends on your audience. Make sure it creates value for them. Leave them with something they can use immediately.

4. Keep It Simple. One of the most common mistakes I see as a sales and marketing consultant is that people don’t make it easy to succeed. If you overcomplicate your process, then in time, most people quit doing it. Create a simple process you can put in motion every week.

There you have it. Now, it is your turn. Go and make it happen!

*Mark Bowser is a Professional Business Speaker and the author of several books including “Sell Your Way to Success,” “Sales Success” with Zig Ziglar, “Some Gave It All” with Danny Lane (endorsed by Chuck Norris), “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” “Nehemiah on Leadership,” and the soon to be released “Leadership Mastery.” Check out his books on Amazon.

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