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The Corporal’s Lesson on Greatness

By Mark Bowser

In her wonderful volumes on American history, Mara Pratt shared a story about George Washington that we should all take to heart.

One day during the American Revolution, General George Washington rode upon a number of soldiers who were working to raise a beam up to the top of a military structure. The men somehow didn’t recognize Washington.

All the men were working except one. That one man continued to bark out orders. He yelled at the other men, “Now you have it! Already! Pull!”

Washington guided his horse a little closer to the order barking soldier. He quietly asked the soldier why he wasn’t helping the others. The young man looked up at Washington and angrily said, “Sir, don’t you know that I am the corporal?

Washington said, “I did not realize it. Beg pardon, Mr. Corporal.”

Washington then got off his horse, walked over to the soldiers and began helping them move the heavy beam. The General continued until the beam was put in place on top of the structure. Then, with sweat pouring down his face, he turned to the corporal and said, “If ever you need assistance like this again, call upon Washington, your commander- in-chief, and I will come.”

What is it that makes a great leader? Simply, a servant’s heart.

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Donald Trump on Listening to Your Gut

I invite you to read my article on Medium.com. You can read the article here https://medium.com/@markbowser/donald-trump-on-listening-to-your-gut-5a171abf09f2

It’s All About…LEADERSHIP!


Book Recommendation: “The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell”

The other day, I bumped into my fellow author and speaker friend Paul Smith. We bumped into each other at the unlikely place of the post office. Unlikely because it was not the post office in my own town. I just happened to be over in that neighboring city when I saw Paul…and I am glad that I did.

As Paul and I were catching up, he shared with me that he had a new book out — “The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell.” I congratulated him and he said he would mail me a copy of the book. I just received my copy and it is fantastic. I know a book is good when I begin taking notes in it.

If you are a leader…then this is a must read for you. Get your copy now! Start reading, have a pen ready, and get ready to take notes!

Mark Bowser

Author of “Sales Success” with Zig Ziglar and “Some Gave It All” with Danny Lane

P.S. Here is a link to “The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell” on Amazon https://amzn.to/2V1PbzD

Servant Leadership is Influence

Words to Live By

“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; Leadership is defined by results not attributes.”

Peter F. Drucker

Don’t you wish more leaders in your organization understood this? Don’t misunderstand Mr. Drucker—Leadership isn’t about being liked, but it also isn’t about being bossy. Leadership is about Influence and that comes by being a servant.

If you want your leaders trained in this way then give me a call.

Mark Bowser


Nehemiah on Leadership

Imagine that you work for the mayor of Los Angeles. It is a very impressive position. You are his executive assistant. You are by the mayor’s side most of the time, assisting him and guiding him in whatever he needs to be an effective leader of a major US city.

One day, a visitor to the mayor’s office happens to be from the same hometown as you, a medium- sized southern community on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. You are anxious for some news from home. How is everyone doing? Has the weather been good? Do they still have that little baseball field on the south side that you used to love to play at during those long, hot, sticky summer days? 

The news the visitor gives you is unexpected at best. The visitor tells you that the weather has been horrendous. It has rained for days, and it is supposed to be an awful hurricane season. Experts estimate that 3- 5 hurricanes will hit the gulf coast this year. To make matters worse, because of economic woes the city has been experiencing the last few years, the city leaders have neglected to repair the old decrepit city levees. These levees are the only real defense the city has against these coming hurricanes.

As the visitor leaves your office, a hopeless feeling comes over you. What are you going to do? What can you do? Even though you haven’t been back to your hometown for years, the place still owns a very special part of your heart. After all, it is home…

That is very similar to what Nehemiah faced in the Old Testament in the Bible. Of course, it wasn’t a city on the coast in the Gulf of Mexico and the threat wasn’t hurricanes. But, I am sure the desperate, hopeless feeling was identical as well as the same desire to do something to make it better.

In this book, we are going to delve into the story of Nehemiah and what his example can mean for us in this contemporary day. You see, I believe that the story of Nehemiah and his success can help us become better parents, better executives, better employees, better friends, better team members…better people. Why? Because the book of Nehemiah in the Old Testament is all about leadership. 

Leadership is the key to all success. When we become better leaders, we become better- at everything! (Excerpted from ‘Nehemiah on Leadership’ by Mark Bowser)

*I encourage you to check out Nehemiah’s story in the Bible. You also will find my book a good resource on this subject. Check it out at Amazon. http://amzn.to/1ruxFRs

Why Do Leaders Fail?

By Mark Bowser

Why do leaders fail?  This is a tricky question.  One with multiple depths of answers.  However, I believe there are two shining pillars that are always missing from leaders who fail.  Sometimes, these failing leaders are missing both of these pillars and at other times they are missing just one of them.  But, if either is missing, failure is inevitable.

What are these missing pillars?  They are Character and Vision.  Let’s take a few minutes to explore these pillars a bit deeper.

Hitler was a man of great vision.  A man who succeeded a great deal.   But, Hitler was a lousy leader.  Why?  Because of a lack of moral character. Yes, he thought he had character. Yes, many others thought he had character too.  But, to the masses of the world and of history, he lacked the basic moral character of honesty, uprightness, and love for  fellow human beings.  Because of this, he eventually failed.  We could get into the theological reasons for this failure, but that is one for another discussion.  All leaders who lack character at their core will fail. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

The second pillar that is missing from leadership failures is vision.  Vision is vital. Vision is critical. King Solomon in the book of Proverbs said, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  And perish indeed they will.  Where there is no vision or direction, people wander around in chaos with no purpose.  The human experience needs purpose.  We not only need purpose, we crave it.  Vision provides the purpose of the destination before the journey ever begins.

Successful leaders continually develop their two pillars.  They are mindful of their character and where they are going.  Would there be an America without a Washington?  Would there be two countries if not for Lincoln? Would England have survived World War Two without Churchill.  Will your organization thrive without you?  A you focused on incredible character and a vision worthy of the moon.  Some thoughts for us all to ponder.