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Skinny-Dipping with the President

By Mark Bowser

In his book The Greatest Presidential Stories Never Told, Rick Beyer tells a fascinating and surprising story about our sixth president John Quincy Adams. What makes this story so shockingly charming is that it seems so uncharacteristic for the son of John and Abigail Adams.

John Quincy Adams was a very reserved Christian man who always strove to live life in a proper way … well, most of the time. For you see, our sixth president had a passion for skinny-dipping.

President Adams loved to take a walk from the White House down to the banks of the Potomac River where he would shed his clothes and go for a refreshing dip before the days’ activities.

One day, the President took one of his servants with him by the name of Antoine and asked him to row him across the river. The President’s plan was to then swim back across the river. Well, just like many good plans, the unexpected sends them a rye. The wind began to pick up fiercely and it capsized the small, leaky, row boat tossing both men into the river. The two were able to, but not without some struggle, swim to the opposite bank. The fifty-eight year old President was worn out from the strenuous adventure.

Then, a problem arose. Antoine discovered that he had lost his clothes in the middle of the river. President Adams gave his clothes to Antoine so that he could go and get them a carriage in order to take them back to the White House. So, what does a naked President do while he waits for his ride? According to his diary, President John Quincy Adams got in some “naked basking on the bank.” Now you know. Thanks for reading today.

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