How Has Selling Changed in the Post Covid World

By Mark Bowser

I recently conducted a survey to see how selling in the post covid world has impacted individuals and organizations. So, I asked sales leaders what their perspective was on post covid and sales success. This is what they said:

  1. Has the way your team sells changed post Covid?

83% said “yes”

17% said “no”

2.  Would you say that selling today is easier or harder than it was five years ago?

17% said “easier”

83% said “harder”

3. Today, does your team primarily present to prospects in person or over the phone/zoom?

50% said “in person”

50% said “by phone/zoom”

4. What kind of sales training do you prefer today? The choices were: in person training, over zoom, individual coaching, combination of zoom and individual coaching, combination of in person training and individual coaching, and a combination of all of them. 

50% said “in person training

50% said “combination of all of them”

5. Have you had formal sales training in the last two years?

50% said “yes”

50% said “no”

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