The Approach Close

By Mark Bowser

The Approach Close is used at the very beginning of the presentation with the prospect. The reason for that is that all of us have a natural sales resistance. This is because we are bombarded with people trying to sell us something all day long. Turn on the TV — and advertisements are selling to you, plug on YouTube — and you have to watch and ad before your video, drive on the interstate and every few yards is a billboard trying to sell you something, etc….

Because of constant advertisement bombardment, there is natural tension at the beginning of your presentation. A way to ease that is through The Approach Close. It works very well particularly if your product or service us used and needed by almost everyone. Here is how it works. 

At the beginning of your presentation, you say something like this, “Mr. Prospect, right here at the beginning, I want you to know that I am not going to try to sell you anything today. All I am going to do is share with you why many other people have invested (or purchased) in our product and then you can judge for yourself if it is something right for you. Is that fair enough?” (Use your Testimonial Letters during presentation)

Most prospects will agree to this. At the end of your presentation say something like, “From what you have told me Mr. Prospect, it seems like our product is ideal for your situation just like the other people we have talked about. So, do you want to go ahead and give it a try?”  

This is very soft. Let the prospect make their decision. Don’t push them. Remember, you are not there to sell them today. You are positioning today. Many will go ahead and buy. If not, schedule the next appointment and move the sale forward.

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