The Impact of Zig Ziglar … On My Life!

By Mark Bowser

The impact Zig Ziglar has made on my life can’t be measured — at least in terms of value.  That is because the value he planted into my life is still growing, and I dare say will grow for the rest of my life.  It is a fertile garden that continues to ripen into the most delicious fruit. 

Of course I had heard of Zig Ziglar, but I really hadn’t dug into his plethora of books and programs in great depth.  For I was quite young and still trying to find myself.  I was in my early twenties, fresh out of college, and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. 

While in college, I had studied leadership under the tutelage of the Air Force ROTC program.  Our commanding officer was Colonel James Biltz.  A fine officer who had flown in Vietnam.  Since I was a pilot candidate, the Colonel had become one of my heroes.  

Colonel Biltz had taught our military history course and had assigned us a project of giving a speech in front of the other cadets in the class.  I remember that my topic was on the space program.  I will have to admit, that I don’t remember much of anything else about my project except that Colonel Biltz praised me so much after I was finished that it changed the trajectory and altitude of my career. 

After graduating from college, Colonel Biltz’s high praise for my performance that day kept bubbling up to the surface of my thoughts.  As a result, I began a discovery program on the personal development industry and the possibility of becoming a professional speaker. 

As part of this research, I volunteered to help out behind the scenes at the 1993 Indianapolis SUCCESS Seminar presented by Peter Lowe International. On that platform that day was a wonderful collection of motivational speakers including Zig Ziglar. I was hooked.  

Shortly thereafter, I joined the Peter Lowe Production Team and began traveling around the country learning how to produce and present the largest business seminars in the world. I worked behind the scenes and learned valuable insights that would later help me as professional speaker on the platform in my own seminar engagements. 

Around this same time, I began doing some other work with the Ziglar organization from selling some of Zig’s products on the internet to partnering with them as a Zig Ziglar Certified and Endorsed speaker of Ziglar content. 

Over those many years, even though I didn’t know Mr. Ziglar very well, he was always willing to respond to my letters with advice and appreciation.  Over time, I became friends with his team, including his son Tom who leads the organization today. 

One of the greatest honors of my career to date, is that I had the opportunity to write the book Sales Success with contributions from some of the best sales coaches in history including Tom Hopkins, one of my mentors Scott McKain … and none other than Zig Ziglar himself. 

It was a wonderful experience.  Unfortunately,  Mr. Ziglar passed away before the book hit bookstores. But, his legacy continues. 

Legacy — and that is one of the purposes of this series of articles in which you now hold the first one in your hands.  To share with you some of the wisdom and insights of Zig Ziglar.  Each article will start with a quote of Mr. Ziglar’s. I then will explain what it means and how — if adopted into your life — will help you climb the stairway to success. 

So, hold onto your hat — because the best is yet to come!  Thanks for reading today.

*Excerpted and adapted from an upcoming book by Mark Bowser

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