How Would You Respond…?

Technically, they weren’t boots anymore, but that didn’t comfort them. They were virgins in the world of combat. The four “grunts” nervously hesitated, hunkering down in their foxhole. Time seemed to slow down, but it was actually only a few seconds. Somebody had to do something, but it was so hard. Fear had paralyzed the four grunts. And can we blame them? What would we do if we shared that foxhole with them on that fateful night?

Danny’s mind raced to Gunner Plummer. What would he say at this moment? “Lane, man up! Just like in training! Do your job!” A small dose of courage welled up inside of Danny. He raised his shoulder just a bit and threw an illumination grenade to light up the area around their hole. With any luck, they would be able to at least see the silhouettes of Charlie. Danny then activated the switch that controlled the claymore mine they had positioned in front of their foxhole. Steel balls flew from the mine in multiple directions. Would it be enough to protect them?

Sotere, Nick, and Wells popped the pins on their M-26 grenades and launched them towards the incoming gunfire. The main company then threw illumination grenades. The night sky was now lit up like a Christmas tree. Danny’s knees seemed to buckle with fear. He knew they needed to fire back, or death would be their destination, but his body wasn’t obeying his thoughts. Ever so slightly, he scooted himself closer to the foxhole rim. He raised his eyes over the rim and saw the shadowy figures of Charlie headed their way.

“Here they come! Get ready! Let’s do this!” Danny screamed. Courage and reality overcame fear, and the grunts unleashed their M-16 machine guns on the enemy. They emptied 30-round clips one after another as fast as they could. The enemy retaliated with equal fury.

Before long, they heard a scream in the background. With sweat pouring down their bodies despite the cold, wet rain, the four grunts heard the scream again. The scream seemed to pierce the chaos all around them.

*Excerpted from the groundbreaking book “Some Gave It All” by Danny Lane and Mark Bowser. The book is endorsed by high ranking producers, movie directors, a former CIA officer, and movie star and martial art great Chuck Norris. Order your copy today at

“This is an amazing story of courage and sacrifice. I’m almost at a loss for words. Every God-fearing American ought to read this. It’ll get your heart pounding and you’ll be forever grateful for the men and women who keep this country safe, including American hero Danny Lane.” 

Jason Hanson former CIA Officer, author of the New York Times Best Seller, “Spy Secrets that Can Save Your Life”


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