Carving Your Own Path


By Mark Bowser

Today, we live in a very competitive marketplace.  There is more competition at every level than there has ever been…and there is more opportunity if you know how to leverage it. Technology has evened the playing field in many ways.  Today, the small business’ has the same opportunities as the fortune 500.

For example, I have a friend of mine who owns Made For Success Publishing which is a publishing house on the west coast.  Not too many years ago, the traditional book publishing industry was controlled dominantly by the large New York City publishing houses.  Not so anymore. In fact, there are only about six of the big publishers left.

What has been born in the wake is significant growth with the small to medium sized publishing houses. Publishers, like Made For Success, have the exact relationship with the distributors that the big houses use to be able to monopolize.

What has brought about this change?  Technology.  The growth, speed, and ease in which a book can be published today has changed that entire industry.

The same is true with your industry.  The playing field is even…but will you leverage that evenness into your advantage? It is no secret that I am admirer of Walt Disney.  I study him in order to leverage the present in order to shape tomorrow.  Walt Disney said, “I am not influenced by the techniques or fashions of any other motion- picture company.”

So, what does that mean for us? Walt Disney wasn’t timid about carving his own path.  He was the first to add synchronized sound to a cartoon in 1928 with Steamboat Willie.  He was the first in 1937 to make a feature cartoon with sound and color with his masterpiece Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Disney wasn’t timid, but it doesn’t mean he wasn’t afraid.  He bypassed his fear and took action.  Massive action.  That is the essence of courage.  Taking action despite the emotions you may be feeling at the time.

So, now the ball is in our court.  Where can we leverage the present in order to shape the tomorrow of our world?  You can compete with the big firm sitting on the corner.  What do you want to accomplish?  What has been hidden in the recesses of your dreams that now needs to see the light of day?  You can do it!  Set the plan…and make it happen!

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