Everything is Selling!

“In these extraordinary days we realize fully that the public is shopping more than ever for its box office fare. There is no compromise for ‘selling’ your attractions. I am confident that the future will enable us to fill this bill.”  Walt Disney

Everything is selling.  Every morning when we arise, we put on the shoes of a salesperson. It doesn’t matter whether you are a mechanic, a household executive, a student, a nurse, a teacher, a coach, an engineer, a parent, a preacher, or even a funeral director – your job is to sell.

So, what does that actually mean “everything is selling?”  Success is about influence.  Walt Disney understood this more than anyone.  Walt Disney became a tremendous salesman.  Even to this day, his influence still lives strong.  Some might even say that Walt’s influence is more alive today than when he was living.  That is a tribute to how well he understood this concept that everything is selling.

Think with me for a moment.  How did you get your first date?  How did you get your first job?  You had to sell someone, didn’t you? You had to sell them on you.  You see, the first thing we sell is our self.  The second thing we sell is our idea.

An important point to ponder as you pursue your life in the world of selling is that selling isn’t something you do to someone.  As Zig Ziglar pointed out, selling is something you do for someone because you know that your product, service, or idea is in their best interest.  That they are much better off acquiring what you have to offer than they are not acquiring it.

…Something to think about today.  Now, go out there and sell something!

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