Disney Does It Right!

“The first year [at Disneyland] I leased out the parking concession, brought in the usual security guards—things like that—but soon realized my mistake. I couldn’t have outside help and still get over my idea of hospitality. So now we recruit and train every one of our employees. I tell the security police, for instance, that they are never to consider themselves cops. They are there to help people. The visitors are our guests. It’s like running a fine restaurant. Once you get the policy going, it grows.” Walt Disney
Isn’t that a great quote from Wat Disney? That is why Walt Disney World is the most visited vacation destination in the world. Yes, they have incredible shows and rides, but it is the magical service that keeps people coming back year after year.

Great customer service takes selling your philosophy to your team members and training them on how to carry it out. Let’s do the same in our organizations.


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