You Can Have My Pants

Let me share with you something I loved as a customer. A few years ago, I had a very strange experience on a speaking engagement in Indianapolis.

Since I was still living in Anderson, Indiana at the time, about 40 miles northeast of Indy, I decided I would grab one of my suits and drive down the night before and stay in the hotel where the seminar was going to be held the next day.

I was relaxing in my hotel room and something hit me—you better check your suit. I got up and walked to the closet in my hotel room. At first glance, the suit looked fine. After more detailed scrutiny, I realized I didn’t have any pants. What happened to my pants? I knew I had pants when I left home. Where could they be? I then realized what had happened. I had carried my suit in a hanging bag from the cleaners. The type that has no bottom to it. My pants had fallen off the hanger somewhere between my home and the hotel room.

What was I going to do without any
pants? Well, I decided I had better look in the hotel. I went down to the parking garage and retraced my steps—no pants! I then went to the front desk and asked if anyone had found any pants. You can imagine the looks I got.

The hotel was a Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis so it also had shops in it. I asked when the shops opened. Big Problem! Too late the next day to be of help to me. Then something amazing happened. I guy behind the front desk heard what was going on. He said, “I have some pants in the back. You can wear my pants.”

TALK ABOUT SERVICE! I wore this guy’s pants all the next day. They were a little big, but at least I had pants.
When is the last time you gave your pants to your customer? Not lately, huh! Well, too bad.

Excerpt From: Bowser, Mark. “The Three Pillars of Success.” AudioInk, 2010. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

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